Smile and The Whole World Smiles With You

A smile is contagious. Have you ever noticed when you smile at someone more often then not they smile back? A smile can make you happy or feel better. So here are a few smiles, to make you happy. The nice thing about all these smiles are that they are smiles of people that I love, so they are even better smiles.



As Happy As Cotton Candy

First I want to say that this blog is about collecting and celebrating the things that bring me joy and happiness so when I can’t seem to find anything that makes me sparkle, smile or shine, I can look here and remember that there are things that can and will put a silver lining even in the crappest of days.

For those of you that looked at the picture on my header and couldn’t quite figure out what it was – It’s Cotton Candy. The other cotton_candy blue and pinkday I had the pleasure of eating this pink and blue magical, fluffy, wonderful spun concoction for the first time in years. Yes, I know it’s glorified sugar, but as I sat eating it; I wasn’t thinking calories, broken diets, or the fact that it would most likely put me into a sugar induced coma.

At that moment, in that time, it was the happiest thing I could think of. It invoked memories of fairs, hot dogs, carnival shows, and rides on til-ta-whirls, bumper cars, and ferris wheels. I felt like if not a child at least a teenager again. I was transported back to first loves, kisses in the tunnel of love and being held or holding on a little too to the boy you had a crush on. It was like childhood nirvana.  And as I looked across the table to where my niece and nephew sat each sporting a blissed-out look as they too, indulged in their paper cones covered in a mass of pink and blue cotton candy, I knew that I too sported a blissful, face of absolute happiness, that can only come from… well… too much sugar.